(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sing it! What I Like About You....

I know I said it's the little things that keep love going. It's the same in friendships. So my friends, here some of the little things I like about you.

Lizz: Double Z madness....all we need now is a crowd and get them all to sing "Shout!"

Kalli: What can I say? You know too much so you'll always be my friend.

Lorna: It's always like there's never any time lapse and we just pick up where we left off.

Fawn: It took some translation, but you're so one of the besties for life!

Hillary: seriously cross-stitching while watching movies just isn't the same with out you quoting the movie with me.

Gwenda: Did you start singing what I Like About You? I know you did....

Liz: I mean really could you be any more fun? I don't think so 98% sanguine..

Eric: you're hot, and I appreciate that every morning I don't have to lie about you looking good. Keep up, Sir Hottie!

Vicky: I love that you feel most relaxed in swirl of color.

Leah: I love that your sea of beiges makes you feel most at home.

Lori: We so can't sit together without having to be separated. I love that.

Kimmee: It ain't good if it ain't got butter and sugar....word

Beckey: Go get them kitties!

Sarah: Just how many vortexes full of items are you hiding in your closets?

Brianna: Love our late night chats!

Sandi: The sass breaks all Baptist boundries..love it!

If you didn't see you on here, this is just what I thought up in the 10 minutes before the bus gets here. Feel free to add to the list as long as you're gonna play nice.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Spelled out in Blue M&Ms

You know that we all have our weird. Here's one of mine. I don't like blue food. It makes me think of moldy food. I don't want to eat it. I do eat blueberries, but that is a natural blue. Instead of making fun of me, my wonderful husband of almost 11 years shows me he thinks of me by only handing me bags of M&M's with all the blue ones removed. It's bad enough that they are blue, but the also replaced the tan ones. I loved the tan ones.
It's the little things people fall in love with. You both laugh at "Is there a Marine Biologist in the house?". You love the way they smirk when reading the comics. You can both burp on command. You both would rather swim in a lake than a pool.
Sometimes it's the little things that break you up. They never did try to find out how you take your coffee. They made a face when you talked in funny accent even when it was funny. They never thought you looked nice enough. They thought Seinfield wasn't really that funny.
What is really cool is when the person you love loves you through your weird. That's what makes an open bag of M&Ms sans the blue ones so special. He doesn't lecture me on my aversion. He doesn't make fun of me about it in front of others. He just says, "Okay, no blue food for you." He smiles and keeps loving me.
Some say love with diamonds, some with wine, but only the best of men can woo with blue M&Ms and a smile.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It sure is hard to pull of sexy drippin' with sweat

Not that I'm trying to pull off sexy because it just comes so natural, but dripping with sweat does block the sexy rays. I mean d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g. Splish splosh. I try to be adult about it, but yeah, it's not working. I'm trying not yell at children, but the "Please stop that." increases in volume from my brain to my mouth. I have to write lists with things to do because I'm forgetting things like turn on the stove burner to make rice. I didn't realize how difficult it is to function when you're uncomfortable. Granted, the hot summer isn't helping, but really, laundry shouldn't be a matter of rocket science. How does one fold towels? I think my brain might be melting in parts and that's what the problem is. Melting brains also take away the sexy. True story. I will say this, I do have dear friends who are helping us out as much as they can, and for that, I am truly thankful. I'm thankful for a lot of things like the ability to rant out my sweatiness on this blog...and leaving sweaty arm marks as I do it. Not sexy. I'm waiting for God to do amazing things, and I'm really trying in faith to believe that He will do them for me, not just other people. The heat makes you grouchy, not as productive, trying hard to find the humor and really anti-social. I can't remember feeling this way before, but I don't think I've been this hot before. I don't think I've had to be the one in charge when this hot either. Letting children go all Lord of the Flies super not sexy though a really tempting choice. Keep cool for me people, and keep praying for me too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Hot Mamas, Batman!

Dude. It's hot. I mean really, really hot. And you can't NOT do things like laundry, dishes, phone calls, basic cleaning, etc. I just want to NOT move, but that's not really an option. Come on, Fall! Let's move it, move it! If no AC can't get me to make phone calls, I don't think anything will.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love it! I love it! I love it!


I really, really do. Good thing I sell it! Starting up my 3rd year selling Premier Design jewelry has really been like a do over year. Things have been rough, but I really love my job. I really enjoy my business. I'm getting samples for my table, and I just want everything! As I was putting the order in all I could think about was how jewelry makes me feel. Not pretty. Not special. Not fabulous.


Jewelry makes me feel worthy. I'm worthy of nice things. I'm worthy of taking good care of myself. I'm worthy to have nice, clean house with nice, clean kids inside. I'm worthy of having a smokin' hot husband which admittedly is a bonus for me. It's not just a pair of earrings or a necklace. It's a symbol that I'm worthy of adornment.

I want to help other women feel that way, so I sell it. I hope I'm selling more than bracelets though. My goal is for people to feel like there is at least one person on this planet who was happy to see them today, and that I was that person. I love when I see someone I don't know doing something really cool, so I can tell them how cool they just were. I love encouraging people, and I love telling little girls how pretty they are and that their heads are chock full of smart. I hope with every bit of bling people buy they feel that worthiness.

I know that might sound all wow-they-have-a-pill-for-that, but it's really the truth. I work for and with a stellar company that loves people and is out there trying to make the world a better place. Every piece of jewelry I sell helps get girl in Africa out of slavery, or helps a kid who's dad is on death row that they have more of a future than that, or preaches to the soccer superstars of South and Central America who thousands of kids want to be like.

Maybe it sounds crazy. Maybe it is crazy. Maybe I'm crazy. If so, I'm also worthy...and looking really, really good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stop the madness!

It's official. School needs to start because the kids are losing their minds. They don't want to be around me, and right now, I don't want to be around them. They are fussy, crying for no reason, hitting because they can little kids that are driving me to drink. Fortunately, alcohol isn't in the budget, but I'm not above pretending that I'm drinking at this point. (Really big sigh) I know that it's tough to be a kid right when summer's over. I just didn't realize how tough it was to be the mom and the one who has to be the grown up in the madness. I really do what to yell, "Oh yeah? Well, if you're gonna fight over the same toy, you're not invited to my birthday party!" I'm pretty sure that isn't going to solve anything. I think we've just seen too much of each other. We all need a break, and some I-sure-do-miss-you time. 4 days and counting.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

that was a bad day

True to form, when I had no energy to write a title, I was in a bad place. You know what? God meet me there. He didn't answer all my questions, but I got enough to keep walking forward. I am not forgotten. I am not alone. I may feel that way, but it's not true. What is true is I've been up way too long trying figure out how to put a play list on my blog. Nice.

It's my stapler.


Yup, just like in the Cat in the Hat, I've been fired from my blogging job at the good ol' PNJ. That leaves time for more drama here. Here's the deal. An e-mail, that I admit I missed, was sent to me in April that my services were no longer required. As it is now the middle of August, I can't help but wonder, did they think I was doing the job for free? I'm sending in my post list, not that my admin ever got it. It always got lost somehow in the nethers of time and space after clicking send. I always had to send my post at least twice. So three months later, I say, "Hey, am I gonna get paid?" And, yeah, no. No I'm not. Of course, the hope is that I'll continue to post on this site. Really? And I would do this because? I mean really. Now, I have met some wonderful ladies. And I like them a lot, but I must admit to being soured by the experience. Sour doesn't mean bitter, and I'm not gonna let it happen. Still, really? Three months of work, and you don't even send another e-mail saying, "You know you're fired, right?" Is this the Office Space sequel? Where's my red stapler? I mean really!