(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We Be Crazy Up In My House

I just got back from visiting my family.  Nothing like going home...if you actually LIKE home that is.  And I do.  I like my mom and dad's place.  They might make me insane mad sometimes, but like the cat says, "We're all mad here."  That being said, I began thinking about why I like my family despite our brand of Crazy Sauce.

1)  I look like them.  (Well, duh, Jen.  You do swim in the same gene pool.) I know.  And all the Bettys in this pool are H.O.T.!  But I digress.  We are all Amazons.  Even the short ones are really tall.  It's just nice to feel normal.

2)  They don't talk loud in the morning.  Why?  Because we have evolved past the need for human speech in the morning.  We can communicate without it until like 10 am.  These people are amazing.

3)  We all laugh and giggle at the same stuff.  You want to know why I am as I am?  Meet my family!  We are so much fun.  I mean really fun because we can laugh at ourselves.  We don't even have to be drunk to have a good time.  All we need is a card game and some snacks.  Think about it.  A bunch of people like me only louder.  Aw yeah, get it get it!  Actually, I think I might have just scared some of you.

4)  Some things don't change, and those are the thing that make going home, well, going home.  Mom's house smells clean.  The screen saver on the Mac is a slide show of family pictures.  There is something Christmasy somewhere all year long.  Use coasters.  Always say "I love you." when you leave the house.  I am NOT to big for my mom to spank.

5)  My family always has my best at heart.  We don't always get along or agree or find each other all that smart.  That doesn't matter.  It doesn't break us.  We are a team.  We get through stuff.  We love each other, and we forgive though we are not prone to forget.  We are there for each other,  and hurting one of us means you want the rest of us to hurt you.  Yup.  We be crazy up in momma's house, but we are crazy for each other.  That's what makes it fun, and that's what makes it home.    Photobucket