(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspired by ANTM: Designers for the Fluffy and Fabu

Maybe you know this or you don't, but I loves me some America's Next Top Model. I was watching this recap of this cycle's picks (with a very disturbing Rhianna song in the back ground..yikes!) and the contestants were mentioning their favorite designers. It got me thinking: who designs for the curvy among us? Now, I understand (after watching ANTM) why the fashion industry has the little girls do the work. Basically, the designers have a lot of clothes they have to make in a so much time, and they have to look good on any body they book. Therefor, if you're designing a size 4...guess what? You gotta be a size 4 to walk the runway. It makes sense business wise. For those of us who are a size 4 (x 5), that just doesn't work.
Thanks to the magic of the Googles, I found two designers that are bring fluffy back and don't you wish it was you! The first is Anna Scholz. I assume she harkens from England because her clothes are priced in pounds not dollars. They are flowy yet tough chick at the same time. Check out these two designs below. Aw yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Nothing like being beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Yes! That is what I'm talking about.

The next designer I found was Qristyl Frazier. She founded a New York fashion house for the woman with dangerous curves...we should have warning signs, should we not? I didn't see anything I didn't like. The clothes looked sexy, not because of skin revealed, but because of
how comfortable-in-their-own-skin and confident they looked. I know, as a fabu fluffy myself, it's hard to feel like there are pretty things to wear available. But there are! Just look a little harder. Or just check out the dresses below. We don't have to be twigs...just healthy. As Motor-Mouth Mable says, "Why have the twig when you climb the whole tree?" Oooooh yeah!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Yes, I know. I made a really big deal out of a whole lot of nothing. I just needed a time out. What cures the ever-lasting optimist when she's down? A list of the things that make me happy. Just a few. Not to panic.

I love tree tunnels. They are like nature's portals of beauty and fairy tale joy. At least they are in the stories I tell myself as I walk through them. And for those of you asking, the color of the sky is my world is blue....but with glitter.

-I like Hairbo Happy Cola gummis....Trolli's soda poppers just aren't the same.
-I like my husband---he's, like, hot and stuff...OMG
-I like America's Next Top Model
-I like boots...knee high boots are the best
-I like bright lipstick that can be seen from space.
-I like funky wall clocks
-I like big watches
-I like people who are very much themselves and are happy to be so
-I like my kids
-I like mutt dogs better then pure breds
-I like my Premier Designs jewelry business
-I like movies that make me laugh
-I like K-Dramas that make me laugh
-I like sit coms that make me laugh
-I like to laugh
-I like to cross-stitch
-I like to dance to the Momma Mia soundtrack.

(side note: this song makes me think of the very funny Oustsourced...hehehehe)

Sigh...all better for now...more drama next time...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Every girl from the South Needs to Know How to Pitch a Fit

I am now 34 years old. I know that I am a grown person. Today, my inner 4 year old is having a major meltdown because I can't get my nails done.

(did she just say she's lost dimitty dang because she can't get her nails done?)

Yes. Yes I did.

You see, I've had to give up a lot of fun stuff over the years because I'm the grown up. Kids need come before my wants, and that is the way it should be because I don't need a red button down shirt as much as my kid needs new shoes because once again she grew an inch over night (without permission. let me just add that.) Eric gets new clothes before I do because he has an office to go to. I get it. I have what I need. And I am thankful. I actually am.

But I really wanted to get my nails done. I really wanted to do something girly and frivilous just for me. Yes, we are finally completely out of the debt we've been in. Yes, we can now start saving and making good choices. Yes, we are in the black, and will stay that way. Yes, I will be able to get my nails done eventually. Yes, I should be over the freakin' moon.

BUT I WANT TO GET MY NAILS DONE NOW _______________! (feel free to add your curse word of choice in the blank space provided) RIGHT NOW! THIS WEEK! I've been grown up about every blessed thing I've had to say no to over the years. I've had to say no playdates and nights out with girls to save on gas. I've had to say no the perfect pair of boots that were on sale because it just wasn't in the budget that week. I've had to order the cheapest thing on every menu. I've had to say no to myself over and over and over and over and over. So help me...today...it was just one no too many.

I wanted to scream, go boneless as I threw myself to the ground and yelled to everyone passing by on the street that they were NOT invited to my birthday party because I didn't like them and they were BooBoo Heads. This is not a dramatization. I actually wanted to do this. I didn't on the outside, but I sure as bleep have been doing it on the inside all day long. I want to cry every time I think about it, and I want to tell the girls they can make their own damn dinner tonight. I don't care.

I also know that I will make dinner. And tomorrow I will be very much ashamed of how I feel today. I will tell myself to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. God has given us so much to be thankful for, and I'm being Veronica Salt instead of Charlie Bucket.

But today...you are all BooBoo heads...I want to get my nails done....and no matter how I try I can't spell frivilous....this sucks...