(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Monday, September 19, 2011

If You Think It Ends In High School...Psych!


I have to tell you Ebay's latest commercial really upset me. Check the link above to see it for yourself. We, as a nation, have decided to lynch mob bullying...unless we can use it to sell iPads. Don't you just love a good double standard? So what if the guy takes notes with a pen? Like most bullying, it's over nonsense. Why didn't the boss stop it? If I'm in charge, I don't have time or patience for middle school ridicule. Put a stop to it. Let people know that kind of thing isn't tolerated if for no other reason that it's unprofessional. Why didn't the other co-workers say anything? Really? When you laugh at bullying, you are just biding your time until YOU become the target. Not so funny when it's you taking the heat, is it?

Now for the big question of the day: Why do I feel the need to defend an actor in a commercial in which nothing in real life really happened? Because this really does happen in real life. Poor misunderstoods who swim against the flow think once they leave the dregs of high school it's all over but not true. People who feel the need to get a laugh at the expense of others are everywhere, at any age. Bullies are at the gym, the park, the workplace, the mommie and me group...all that's changed is the age. People who are still afraid of bullies will laugh. People who don't know what to do still stay silent. People who are different still feel like losers.

People like me tell the bullies to shut their pie holes because it's a pen for the love of pete! I honestly no longer wish to support Ebay or buy a iPad. I also plan on writing to both companies and letting them know why I'll not be a patron. I'll let you know what happens. In the mean time, follow Kevin's advice. "Stop it! Be nice!"