(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For what I give thanks...

For a lot of people, myself included, things are not ideal. Even so, there is so much to be thankful for. My cup usually stays half full, if not more so, at all times, so for all the pessimists out there...shut you cake hole and be happy for what you do have. To give you some ideas of what you might have to be thankful for, here are a few things I'm thankful for.
1) I have a home to live in.
2) I have food in the pantry.
3) I have a mom and dad who are still married and still love each other.
4) I have a sister who always has my back.
5) I have in-laws that might not always understand me, but they always welcome me.
6) I have friends who like me the way I am but will also kick my butt if needed.
7) I have healthy children.
8) I have a car that works.
9) I have a great dog and a purring cat.
10) I have a business that I can make as great as I want it to be.
11) I have THE most wonderful husband in the world, and this Sat., we celebrate 11 years of married bliss....well, mostly bliss.
12) I have the biggest and best God who is able to any and all things. I would have nothing if not for Him. I would be nothing.

If you have only one of these things you are blessed. I count myself most blessed. And I am grateful. If you are one of my many blessings, I thank you for allowing me to be apart of your life. I hope that I have made your life happy in some way.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chapter Two...The Table

The Foyer is vanquished. On you travel....

What's this before you?! An elevated plane of wood arises. It's guarded by six guardians that lure prey by offering a place of rest, repose and refreshment. The plane of wood is draped in cloth lined protection. Bits of refuse little the ground around the feet of the guardians. Drips of things splattered and papers meant for the bettering of a child's education dot the top of the plane of wood...taunting...and waiting. Without waiting for the first strike, you attack! Wiping the drips and clutching at papers in deft, swift motions that almost defy gravity, you advance. Then, with your Wand of Bristles you round up all floor bound refuse, and after depositing it accordingly, you firmly put each of the guardians in their place. No need to fear here...the Table is yours!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chapter One...The Foyer

Beginning at the beginning is always the first step.

So begins our journey at the gateway between the world within and the world without.

Just a humble frame blocked by wood, glass or both? To the novice perhaps, but not to the learned and aware. This gateway is marked by those that dwell within what lies beyond the gateway. A mat of welcome. A favored botanical. A small ceramic man with a red pointy hat and a jolly look on his face perhaps. A friendly place to explore? Maybe. But examine well as you wander further in. Notice such weapons as spades and forks of molded plastic topped with heads of hippos and monkeys littered within the dirt. Strange markings of colored dust adorn the path of rough, molded stone as if to warn those who might enter of what lies in wait. Is that the head of a pink and green striped mouse staring at you from a stair rail? If this be the gateway to where you dwell, continue on your quest if you dare...

The gateway opens. The World Within greets you with a test of agility before the gateway even closes. All around the gateway, little foot coverlings attack without relenting! Are you nimble enough to dance though your ankles try to bend? You realize all at once, they aren't attacking you, but they are in a frenzied dance themselves looking for their mate. You assist at once knowing it will be best for future gate travelers if you help the poor creatures in their search for love. You snatch at the foot creatures one by one until they are all two by two and placed together in neat row. The coverlings are now at peace, and so are you...until you look above...

A mess of garment dangle precariously above your head. It could all come crashing down on you at any moment. With the speed of the gazelle, you rally your strength and straighting yourself to your full height, you wage war on danger. Before long, ropes of woven yarn are lassoed around hooks along with head and hand coverings of the same artistry. Cloaks, coats and jackets are all arrested on their hooks, left safe for the next usage. All is well...until you look ahead...

A small table is straining to maintain uprightness for all the treasure it holds aloft! One could be buried alive if something is not done to stem the tide before all is lost. You leap into action! You lift a mighty mountain of postal offerings and sort it until its a manageable hill. With your ninja like moves, you erase all evidence of and domiciles of the Mite of Dust. Any small plaything of a small Dweller is banished, the looking glass is wiped of finger falls, the Dweller's family likeness is made straight, and all is made right...

Conquest made. The Foyer is yours!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stay tuned for more...

I've been ill. I'm better now but my house is much worse for the wear. My husband claims to be the main cleaner of the home but I think that I can now prove otherwise. I know that most stay at home moms feel overwhelmed with keeping the house up even when at the top of their game. So I thought maybe it would be more exciting if they were living an epic journey rather then the day to day blah blah blah. So from now on ladies, you are no longer cleaning house, you are a warrior of order battling the onslaught of disarray and surge of soiled playthings.

The Epic Struggle Begins with Chapter One....The Foyer.

p.s. I did try to have an image to go with this but apparently artists can only envision warrior women in the barest of garments. As if that's practical for battle...true story, a man in full battle armor will be standing next to a woman wearing a washcloth tied with string. Riiiight. Anyways...