(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to One of Favorite Answers to Prayer

Here is my precious!
We had one baby angel.  It was like we just thought, "Hmmm, a baby would be lovely."  and BAM!  I was El Preggo.  #2 took more time and prayer.  I didn't get preggers out of gate like last time.  It took us almost a year.  About month 6, Bear stopped asking because it was sad and discouraging.  But finally, I was El Preggo once more.

She's been work from the get go.  She wouldn't (and I really do mean would NOT nurse)  She only wanted Daddy at night.  You'd think that would make me happy, but if I'm honest, it hurt my feelings a little bit.  She didn't sleep through the night for almost a year (the other 2 were all nighters by 12 weeks), and she her communication delays linger on.  Her screams can blind you, and she is stubborn as the day is long.  I won't even get started on her mischievousness.

That being said...

She has musical laughter.  She is friendly to everyone regardless of communicational or physical abilities.  She's creative.  She dances.  She's loving.  She's scrappy.  She's smart and bright.  She could Calvin and Hobbes a run for their money in the mischief department.  (There is a bit of the love-hate when it comes to mischief:  I don't like to pick up the mess, but I so admire the creativity.  I'm all, "My baby is so smart.  It's a shame they have to die.")  She is loving.  She is funny.  I'm sure she's part cat.  And you'd be amazed and a little sad at how hard she tries...to be like everyone else.

May the Good Lord bless her with good health, the will to improve, the strength to carry on, friends who love her the way she is, and that she will serve the Lord all the days of her life; that her joy may be full and her destiny fulfilled.

Happy Birthday Baby Angel!  I'm so glad and blessed that you're my girl!  Momma loves you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Man...It's Been Nuts...

It's been dye your hair blue because why not crazy!  There's also been a lot of change.  Most of it really good and one really sad.  We have moved two towns over, and have been saving money like crazy.  Being close to everyone and everything has been just wonderful.  The really sad is that my baby Tinsel had to be given to a new home.  We were blessed to keep Chloe and Jae Shin, but Tinsel was one dog too many.  She's got a really great home and is being taken care of, but I'm still a bit sad still.  I got her to keep her, but we didn't have a choice.

Being a grown up sucks sometimes.

The girls are doing well.  We all are.  Like I said, mostly good and a little sad.  More to adventures to come!