(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fall Asleep Counting My Blessing....

Sleep eludes me lately. Between kids wanting to use me as their body pillow and a brain that just won't. stop. thinking. Just stop! What is there possibly to think about at one in the morning?! For reals!

I digress.

Taking a page from White Christmas, let's fall asleep counting my blessings and things I'm just happy God has put in my world..

1)Monkeys that can yodel. Okay, it's not yodeling per say, but they sure are a cute threesome of monkeydom. You will see them numbered on the right side of the blog.

2)Hot Swedish guys with gotees named Eric David Easley who understands that when he catches me doing the Running Man for no reason, I've forgotten that I'm not alone in the house.

3) A family that is crazy but not dysfunctional...there is a difference.

4) My 3 brown friends from PR: Sandra, Vicky and Lorna. They are themselves at all times, and that is refreshing. I like knowing exactly where I stand, and they don't hold back, but kindly.

5) My Premier Designs business and the people I get to work with. They care more about the state of your soul than the state of your retail. They are like my second church and people who really want me to be the best me I can be with the help of Jesus.

6) I have a roof over my head, food in the pantry, and an AC that works.

7) I have enough to share.

8) I have the ability to make my world more special and more beautiful by using my gifts and talents to serve others and my family.

9) I have indoor plumbing.

10) I have Pride and Prejudice on DVD.

11) I have a cat that looks like he's been slain in the spirit when he's sleeping. Hallelujah!

12) I have a tiny Christmas tree my mom gave me on my desk.

13) I have a cross from Peru my sister gave my on my wall.

14) I have sign that says I <3 Pigs my dad carved in my pig collection.

15) I have 3 super cool purse my MIL made for me...she even extended the handles on one of them for my super long arms which is one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

16) I have 2 beds that my older daughters love my FIL made for them...actually, they love everything Mo-Chi has made for them.

17) I have a church that is incredible. They are my second family...not as crazy, but just as awesome.

18) Latte coffee mugs...I like the handles.

19) Cups of Poe from the Drowsy Poet.

20) My oldest and dearest friends: Kalli, Lizz, Lorna, Fawn and Vicky. They continue to be confidants and people who love me despite me.

21) My twin sister Shannon aka Pickle Head who is now one of my best friends despite our rocky first 20 years of sisterhood. We never hit in the face or stabbed in the back, but the rest was free game. =) Plus, she knows how to lay tile which is gonna come in handy when we do the bathroom this summer.

22) Netflix.

23) My little brown throw pillow of a dog, Chloe. I don't what I'm gonna do with a real dog after Chloe passes.

I'll think I'll leave it there for now...really...feeling...sleepy.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz