(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Brief Briefing

I really didn't know what else to put on here today.  Just wanted to give you guys an update.  I am getting all my ducks in a row for the next IEP for #2 which is next Monday so do be in prayer for that.  Also, I've lost a total of 17 lbs so far.  Yay!  That's 5% of my body weight so far.  I don't think I look any different but I almost lost my bathing suit several times at the river.  It's now too big.  Now I have to go bathing suit shopping...which seems more like a punishment then a reward.  Shopping for a bathing suit kinda...sucks.  It just does.  Anyway, that's it back at the El HiraLina.  Y'all be good now...or good-ish at least.

Friday, May 25, 2012

We Are Not Amused

Understand that this blog is part of my coping/processing...process. So do bear with me.

Yesterday, #2 has been psycho evaluated to have Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This is not news. It's not even uncommon. I know that she has problems communicating. I know that she doesn't behave the way most children do. I have often thought of her as a kitten in a room full puppies. She's little like they are, soft, cuddly, in need of love and food. But she doesn't act, speak or do things like they do. That's fine. Well, most of the time it's fine. I was actually fine with most of the evaluation.

 Most of it.

The school psychologist, Dr. Diehl, did not make the meeting for reasons unknown. I thought the room seemed off, but there was joking and such, so I began to think it was just me. I was glad, at the time, he had not shown up. He has a way of putting things that makes me feel rather on edge and defensive. It's his tone and turn of phrase. I'm not saying he's bad at his job. In my opinion, he should watch his phrase-ology. I thought the weirdness might have been just me being tense about his being there and then he wasn't so I stressed over nothing. We continue...

Alternate assessment was brought up again. For those of you who don't know, Alternate Assessment is another FL state diploma track which children with learning disabilities can have. These kids take tests that aren't as hard, but in the fine print, you see that such a diploma means they can't even sign up for military service. This was brought up before, and I declined it. I wondered why it was being brought up again. I believe it had something to do with Dr. Diehl's summary which we will get to.

We didn't go over the eval as the man wasn't there to do so, and I read it myself best I could last night. That is when I turned into this:

The summary states: full scale IQ is 68, extremely low, and represents the best estimate of intellectual ability at this time. Comprehension was a significant weakness.

As you might imagine, I said and thought things us good, Christian woman are supposed to be above...I am not, apparently.

Now. My child may not be a genius, but she certainly has at least an average IQ. Her comprehension is not a question. She understands so much more than she gets credit for. The thing is with a lot of autistic kids is they know things and understand them and how to do them. They just don't care if you know they do. If they don't want to do the test, they won't unless they care about the consequence.

I know they have to go by what the test say. She didn't finish half of them. Maybe she didn't know some the stuff, maybe she did. I say screw that test. I know my kid. She is not more dumb than Forrest Gump. We are requesting to have her re-evaluated by some one else. I positively rebuke, refuse and deny any test result that says Cahira Michelle Easley isn't smart.

Tell me she has communication issues. I know.
Tell me she has behavior problems. No kidding.
Tell me she has Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  If you say so.
Tell me she's not bright. Screw you.

I'm beginning to think it was a very good thing the doctor did NOT show up yesterday. I'm rather sure I might not have been so polite, controlled or ladylike. Rather sure indeed.  After all, we Easley girls seem to have a problem behaving.

Monday, May 21, 2012

As a Dog...

Oh me. Oh my.  I feel like I'm gonna...yup, yup, that's what I'm gonna do.  And on the night we had tacos for dinner...what a waste of tasty awesomeness.  I mean really.  I can't get sick on a grilled cheese night.  Well, that would also be a waste of yumminess, so my statement is invalid.  The worst part is we can't figure out what I ate that made me such.  No one else got sick.  Bear made a healthier taco with corn tortillas, ground turkey and fresh everything.  Everyone else is happy and keeping their dinner down.  As bad as it was, it's not like I'm off tacos for life.  I mean honestly.  The person who invented the taco is a culinary genius.  To NOT eat tacos would be an abomination.  How rude.  I'm better this morning, but I'm honestly afraid to eat.  I'm about to try cereal.  

You forget how truly awful it is to vomit until your head is in the hopper.  It's just terrible.  The dog even walked by and was all, "Sucks for you, bro.  I'll be thinking of you while I chew my feet and then bark for no reason."  The cat walks by, "Know that your illness will not effect your duties, Minion.  I expect to be fed and adored on schedule.  Just the sight of me should have you feeling better already.  You are welcome."  It's so suck-tastic.  Bear even tried to let me sleep in today, but the girls would have none of it.  They lost their minds this morning.  So great.  It's cool though.  I know moms rarely get sick days, and hey, I can walk so things are looking up.  Anyway, here's wishing you a vomit free day whether it be you or someone else.  

Viva Buymoria.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And The Drama, She Finds Me

Yep. Yep. Yep. Drama has filled my days. It began a week ago, when I couldn't find the CD of professional pictures we took of the girls. I was supposed get some printed out for Mother's Day. Didn't happen.

Back at the Rabbit Trail: the pics were originally taken as a Father's Day surprise for Bear. He, being not stupid, figured it out when upon returning from the photo shoot, the girls said. "Daddy! We did NOT just go get our picture taken. And we DIDN'T do it for Father's Day!" It was cryptic to be sure, but he figured it out.

Then, on our way to see the in-laws for Mother's Day, the brakes went out. Yeah, it's just like in the movies. "Holy Bleep! The brakes are out!" Except in real life, there are no stunt doubles and your kids are in the car. And you have a panic attack because you can't get the image of a rolled van and bloodied bodies out of your mind. Over-active imaginations suck.

Then when we take the van in, it's gonna cost $4,000 to repair. In the words of Wayne: "A sphincter says what?" So yeah, we have a new car. It's a used Taurus in great shape, and as an added bonus, because of bumper stickers, we are now New Orleans Saints fans. The things you discover about yourself when getting a new car. The stickers stay until we can get something just so I can find the car when at Wal-Mart.

#1 has a science project due

#2 has hidden bits of homework all over the house in odd little cubby hole. As I'm finding them she has at least 10 assignments due...what. the. farkle? I guess ESE kids get a little slack. Unless it's from me. No slack from Mom. Mom says you die Small One...you die because I love you and you need to do your homework!

#3 got sick and has been pitiful and ri-dic-u-lous. Seriously, she wanted me to carry her because her tongue hurt. What? No. Just. No.

The big man has been at work until all hours due to a new system launching and trying to get the car situation taken care of. Honestly, I'm done. I still have a day of errands ahead of me. One of them is applying for a week-end job at my favorite store, so wish me luck.

Bright sides of all the madness include: we didn't die in fireball on Hwy. 90; we have a newer car; my kids yet live; Bear is home while I leave to be ALONE.; also I have a Simple Said party at 2pm with Bama Mamma and I honestly cannot wait because she is so much fun. Check it out for yourself: www.simplysaiddesigns.com. So cool. If you want some of the coolness: Teresa Perkins is your girl.

As for losing weight, last week I gained 2 lbs. I went back to not eating breakfast, and I didn't eat as much fruit. This week I lost 4 lbs. I am 1 lb. away from my first goal weight in Weight Watcher. So eat breakfast and apples!

And now I bathe, put on a good bra and venture forth to Carpe the Mess Out of This Diem!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

So Gross, And Yet, So Encouraging

According to the scales, I lost 5 lbs. Just this week. Now, I'm not sure how I did this amazing thing, but WW did say that is more than you are supposed to be losing. 2-3 lbs a week is most healthy. That makes sense. It's about getting the body better fuel and working better. I mean looking better is nice too, but let's face it, I'm hot the way I am. If I get any hotter, I'll be triplets. Ow. Just saying.

So, I'm not thinking that this kind of weight loss is going to happen every week, but I'll take it. My clothes are fitting the same, so maybe I'll start tracking my measurements next.

Now for something completely random: While Bear was playing a game on-line, I watched a K-pop video. I do not understand Asian Couture ... that or the band lost a bet with the stylist and that's what happened. Must be a cultural difference. Anyway....

I found this, and it made me feel better about all I'm doing for my weight loss efforts. I hope you find it encouraging too.  It's really gross to look at, but that is what is on the inside of your body.  That's what that lumpy stuff really looks like.  Gross.  I got more lumps to go.

Source: fitmamato3.com via Jen on Pinterest