(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hear Me, Pin-Masters of the Universe!

Oh the fabu that is Pinterest!  

I literally do not know anyone who doesn't know about this site.  It's a great site and a great tool.  I've used recipes and projects and color schemes.  If you haven't checked this site out yet (due to, I don't know, alien abduction or a coma or something), check it out.  It's super fun.

There is a dark side of Pinterest though.  It comes in the expectations that can arise.  

With this pin, I shall become a DYI goddess, and all shall bow before me in my photo glazing, glue gun toting, upcycling, mason jar beautifying glory!  I shall have girly cuteness in a jar, and all will stand in awe and amazement.  There will be no shocking lack of lace!  I shall be remembered as the Conquering Diva of Spray Paint and Craft Paper!  I will be loved!  I will be talked about in a good way even if I have poppy seeds in my teeth!  I will be...victorious!

This might seem like I'm being dramatic, I'm finding that I'm not off the mark.  I host a weekly gathering of crafters at my home.  We drink coffee and talk more than we make, and it's really a great girl time.  How is this relevant?  I've had several women tell me they can't craft (not that you need to come on over) and they can't even do the stuff on Pinterest.  Okay.  I hear you.  But let me give all you would be craft-masters-but-I'm-afraid-I'll-suck people out there a little truth in love.  

You are going to suck on your first try.  Unless you have an untapped gift, your first project or first attempt at a new hobby, is going to lack luster at best.  That's not bad or failure.  That's just real life.  Cut yourself some slack.  Real masterful works are not made in microwaves.  They are tried and true recipes that have gone through transformations, survive mistakes and are slow cooked to perfection.  Don't quit before you begin.  Don't let delusions of grandeur muddle your vision of reality.  Give it go, don't be scared to mess up and remember the best advice I've ever heard given by a cartoon character to date as seen below.
This quote is from the cartoon Adventure Time and said by Jake.
True story. Plus, not every project is a first timers project.  Photo shop works wonders.  Do you really think a non-artist painted those nails?  A chef with several degrees in culinary school made that dinner plate, and if you're a Hamburger Helper Hottie, it might a struggle for you.  Just because it's on Pinterest and you can't do it doesn't mean you suck at all things crafty.  Come on, now.

It, however, might mean that you don't enjoy the crafty craftness, but rather, you relish the idea of being a crafty crafter.  I would like to be an awesome cook, but I dislike cooking most seriously.  I only pin recipes I might actually make one day.  Maybe....maybe...  I digress.  If you don't like it, who cares?  Have your crafty friend make it for you in exchange for dinner.  I know I'd take that deal over door #2.  

Bottom line:  Pinterest is great, but what projects you can't do, doesn't define you....however those dirty jokes you pinned do...sinner. ;)