(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Heart me some Hulu.com, y'all

I just do! I mean really. It has saved our life a bit being out in the sticks where you can't get cable. You can only get outrageously priced TV from space. I realize that space travel is pricey, but I don't like TV that cost over $100 a month because it won't even do the dishes despite those prices. That's just lazy. I could learn another language and get my nails did for that much every month. But HA! Hulu.com has saved us! (Netflix too, but one rabbit at a time) Now, not only can you get your TVness in via the world wide web, but they have this show called The Morning After that recaps all the good things about TV from the night before in less then 5 minutes. So, you can watch TV without actually watching TV. Plus, it's really funny and one of the hosts name is Ginger Gonzaga...seriously. How cool is that name? Gonzaga? You know you love it.

But see? I don't have to pay for crap. I can just shift it out of the litter box. Again, Hulu, I thank you. No space TV or cable for me! Take that! HA! Now....I wonder what's on? Hmm...

Monday, January 17, 2011

because there just isn't anything else...

Okay. I think I got it. I'm pretty sure that my sincere like of Korean TV shows is the fact that there is nothing else to watch on American TV. Okay, there are a few that I enjoy: Castle, Eureka, Psych, Bones and Warehouse 13. But even those sometimes are a bit on the TMI side. I really like the clever. It seems as though the US has substituted clever with the raunchy and bathroom humor-esque. The profanity is bad too. As a writer, I understand the use of profanity in certain situations really DOES add to the plot, character, etc., but when profanity is used instead of good dialog...it's just stupid. It makes me feel like the writers of the show think I'm too stupid to understand a more intelligent word, so they threw in f-bomb or an s-bomb to get the point across without too much brain strain on their part. I'm only watching the show to look at the hot guy anyway, right? At 34, I do have other things to do. If I want to see a hot chick, I can look in the mirror (oh yes I did), and since I have the good fortune to be married to a hottie, I don't need a TV for eye candy. With K-TV, since they are more conscience of not showing too much skin, we don't have practically rated R love scenes on 8 PM television. (Just for the record, I've never really been about PDA...I'm not really about watching it for fun.) So here it is: the writing is clever (not always, but if it's not clever it's funny), the love scenes are sweet not do-they-know-their-moms-can-see-that?, and yes the actors are good looking but man are they skinny. Must not like fried chicken in Korea..hmmmm. Pity.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jen cold...brrrr!

Seriously, how do Alaska people do it? I'm freezin'! It's not even snowing! My up north family must be Yetis or something...that would explain a lot actually...I digress. I'm realizing just how much our comfort levels are managed by how hot or cold we are. Back in the day, you just were hot but killed the chicken, or you were cold, but milked the cow. Now, it seems impossible to even think about doing the dishes if your hands are going to be cold. What has happened to us? To make matters worse, the dishes refuse to wash themselves because the water isn't hot enough. It's madness I tell you. Plus, isn't this Florida? Where's my heat dang it?! Global warming my tooshie. On the bright side, it is the weather for boots, and I do love me some boots. Alright cold weather. You can hang out for just a little bit longer because I just got some new boots for Christmas. Thanks Grandma Jo! You rock! Man, I'm cold. I need a Ring Pop...

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

Sigh. Man, do I feel like a little twig this new year. Not big. Not really significant...yet. I feel like I'm in a Waiting Place. Like I'm about to grow. Growing can be painful, so I'm not really sure that I'm looking forward to it. I also know that if you're not growing, your dying. I wish to remain alive at least a little bit longer. I am doing a few things differently. I started working out at least 30 min. 5 days a week, not just 3. I also started a new blog about tea. I think I did that just because I could. I'm also going to do my best to hug each one of my girls for at the very least 5 minutes a day whether they like it or not. Sigh. Just a twig..let's see if I grow at all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm just saying....

Okay, look. I'm all about let's be as fair as we can possibly be. I understand that because we live in a fallen world, things are not always gonna be fair. But man! Why does it alway the woman's fault? So, we're watching the K-Drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. What's a Gumiho you say? We'll in Asian culture it's a fox that's lived 1,000 years and is rewarded by being able to shape shift into a pretty woman. Oh, and the foxes get 9 tails...because...why not? Anyway, the pretty lady will then lure men into the woods and eat their hearts or livers depending on the country. Oh, and they are very all about the sex. I know that Asian cultures are more male dominated...aren't they all if we're honest. Does anyone else sense the moral that a woman who wants to get her swerve on is really a demon who's going to eat you alive? Man! What the farkle? At least the character Miho (who's the Gumiho) is super cute and nice albeit very hungry all the time. And yes, she is a-wantin' to get her swerve on, but still. I'm just saying that a man can be all hey baby, and he's James Bond, but a woman who's all hey baby is a man eater...literally...I'm just saying. Anyway, I'm done for the minute.

Check out the following site to get more info and expert thyself on the Gumiho: