(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"You're still in the running....

I have to say, that I love America's Next Top Model because it really does bring out the artistry in the profession. Plus, some of the girls are awesome and some are crazy. Makes for a good 45 minutes of TV time. Tyra's nuts so that helps too. I love her...we could so hang out. The last few episodes, however, have me going...what? The eliminated girls are crying, and for good reason. Rejection always hurts. But they were saying that they didn't know what they were going to do now and they were never going to get over losing ANTM. I know it's a big deal to win because of all the benefits you get and the jumpstart to your career, but never get over it? There was a 13 to 1 chance that they were going to lose. Everyone comes in on the same footing. Everyone has the same chance to win or lose. The idea that they were never going to get over this one, albeit big, disappointment has me rankled. Losing at one thing doesn't mean you can't make it. It also has me thinking. Am I that easily dissuaded? Are there things, albeit big, I have yet to get over and that are holding me back? I know that you don't win them all, but am I clinging to losses that keep me from winning? I'm gonna have to pray about that. Are you clinging and not letting go? Something to think about...we can't all be America's Next Top Model, but we don't have stay out of the race. Just because we might lose doesn't mean we shouldn't get out there and run. We can move on. I have goals. I'm still in the running...

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Back Breaking Straw...

What is it? When is it? Just what does that straw look like? What makes someone say, "Forget it! I'm just done." It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. Just what makes someone give up. And why do people sometimes cling to these little things that seem so insignificant, thus making it impossible for them to quit? I have been asking of God. I just needed something to cling to this Saturday. He answered, and just like Himself, not in the way I was looking for answers. Eric found a cross made out of craft sticks in front of our mail box. On it is written Mile #9,777. Attached to it is a the story of Carol Cruise (check it out www.faithwalk.net) who is a right leg amputee. She is almost done walking the perimeter of the US, literally around the US, praying for our country, and speaking to differently-abled to encourage them to focus on their God given abilities. I'm supposed to pass the cross on and tell people that God loves them. I'm doing that electronically because I need to hold on to that cross right now. It might seem like happen-stance that Eric found this cross, but I think not. Breaking it down: Eric found a cross that was just happened to be placed in front of our mailbox by a woman who believes in the power of prayer so she is walking around the US on one leg and tell people that God loves them. She started in Miami, so my house, when walking the perimeter of the US in 9,777 miles away on Bliss Way. Maybe it's that crazy small thing that I'm clinging to, but it's also a promise from my Heavenly Father: If I do my best with what I'm given, sharing the hope and love of Jesus as I go, He will bless my steps no matter how they may falter. There might be a lot of straw on this camel, but my back isn't broke yet...I will carry on. Oh, and by the way: God really, really loves you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A little soap box action for all my single buddies...

It's not like it's not hard enough just living in this world. That double negative is proof positive that we need to lay off our single friends. What do I mean by this? Let's quit playing match maker, and let people be. Talk about drama...how many movies and books have been written about the the perils of such things? The difference is there is usually a happy ending in the wings of entertainment, and real life is just awash with awkward small talk.

"Really? You're passionate about the breeding of Cha-Weenies. No kidding."
"No, I agree. No pulp should actually mean no pulp. You are so right to be upset."
"You live with your mom AND your grandma....how sweet."

I mean really. As if society doesn't make it hard enough. Every pot has to have it's lid. Everyone needs a hand to hold. You don't have one? Let's see what makes you such a freak of nature and try to sell you every single thing you don't really need to get you a lid! Yeah! Oh joy.
Think about it. Maybe God has kept this person single for His own good purposes. Maybe it's just not time yet. Maybe we think that we know better then God. "But they'd be perfect together!" And why is that? Are they the last two unmarried people that age attending your church? They both love the movie Clue but hate the game Clue? What is the magic formula that makes people perfect for each other? And is it any of our business?

I could get on this soap box about a lot of things: when are you having kids? when are you having another kid? when are you getting married? when are you gonna stop having kids? how are you saving for the future? why don't you Larry the Mole...he as a great job and I'm sure it's removable? Really? Do we need to put that kind of pressure on people who just may in turn, look to God and say, "Yeah, why aren't You moving faster? When are You going to give me the love of my life? Do I really have to settle for Larry the Mole? Is it removable?" Are we causing our friends, as unintentional as it may be, to sin and demand of God instead of wait on Him? Are we telling God we know better than He does by setting up a match that was never meant to be?

Bottom line: if you have a single friend, and you know that it's their heart's desire to marry just pray. Be a shoulder and an ear, but shut the mouth! Let God do His thing. Maybe their lid is just around the corner. Maybe they're meant to be single. Just leave them alone, and be their friend. Love them and give them hope by letting "the perfect one for them" do the work. God is the best match maker there is.

And off the box I go...