(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What My Gallbladder Taught Me

So on #2's birthday, I got a stomach ache so bad it felt like labor. When it didn't go away for 3 days, I go to the doc to find that I have a gallbladder full of stones.  This makes eating anything crazy painful.  After two weeks of melba toast, saltines and Gatorade, I had my very first surgery.  After being out of my normal life (as normal as my life gets anyway)  for about a month, I have learned a little bit more about me.

1)  There is a reason I am not in the medical profession.  I googled pictures of gallstones.  Yeah, don't do that.  So gross.  I'm now thinking it was worth the money just to have the ball of nasty out of my system.  Blech.

2)  I do not like being high.  Lortabs made me insane.  Everyone I know had stories that I don't remember.  Conversations were had that I wasn't quite sure were real.  I wore my clothes backwards in public without realizing it.   My favorite was my the texts to my husband with pictures of my arms because they were floating.  Floating.  Nice.  I just hope I didn't call and tell/ask someone to marry me...unless it was Bear...that guy is hot.

3)  I have really good friends who are willing to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to take me to the hospital, pick my kids up from school, and cook me dinner.  I am blessed indeed.

4)I have the best girls in the world.  I actually already knew that, but they proved it once again.  They were constantly checking on me and bringing me flowers from the yard.  Loves them so much.

5)  I have the best husband.  He was and still is just wonderful.  Words just can't describe how amazing he has been.  He worked so hard to keep the family going.  I am so blessed.  So very blessed.

6)  Chloe the Dog is an opportunist.  Nice.