(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love me the K-Dramas!

Yes ma'am! I love it! I love it! I love it! Ever since the first episode of Playful Kiss (which is based of a Japanese manga or more involved graphic novel). See what happens when your husband is out working with the youth? See?! I was home alone, bored, and nothing else was on Hulu. Who knew how far down the rabbit hole I would go? Who knew? All I know is Koreans make some funny TV shows. I've only ventured into the romantic comedies, but I'm sure the serious ones are good too...anyways...

Why do I love K-Dramas? I don't see how you can't, but here are some reasons you might want to take in a bit of culture.

1) Koreans are so cute. I'm serious. Even the goofy ones. And they recycle the actors for various show (like Sci-Fi), so they're all about going green. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

2) They are all about the unrequited love. The angst of liking someone who doesn't like you back. It's so Jane Austin. Love it! Now, I'm the first person to tell someone there is no need to moon over someone who is too dumb to know how awesome you are, but dang if it doesn't make for awesome tv.

3) Slapstick. I mean some funny slapstick. Funny!

4) Because Koreans aren't much for touching, there aren't insane make-out scenes. I recently saw a clip of a US show on Hulu.com where a teenage girl asked her friend why she didn't want someone she could scratch and sniff. (blank stare) Ew! I mean really. Didn't we get enough of those face sucking, hand wandering scenes walking the halls of high school? or the mall? or the movies? or anywhere in public that made them so cute and/or graphic that you wanted to vomit on their shoes...especially if her shoes are cuter then the ones you were wearing? Sorry...I spun out there for a second...I'll get back on the road...

5) You find that our culture is different from others. With a country as big as ours, we tend to forget that not every one out there acts they way we do. You'll learn something. Learning, despite what pop culture says, is good for you. Learning=good.

6) The music is good. Of course, I love me some boy band pop, so when it in Korean it's like all pumped up on diet Coke and Mentos. The end result is an awesome explosion. Now, understand, for Miss I-got-the-white-stuff here, this is true for any pop song in another language. I would dig a Polish pop song, if I could jam to it. After reading that back to myself, I'm not sure if that little fact makes me open-minded or sad. Let's go with open-minded for now.

7) The sound effects...are so...yeah...I mean...sigh...yeah. The sound effects...hhahahahahahaha!

8) The bad person isn't all bad. They have at least one redeeming quality. For my annoying optimism, it's a plus.

9) The writing is fabu! They wrap things up in about 16 episodes or so, and thus, you don't forget that you care how the story ends. But, man do they know how to add a line of crack in every cliff-hanging end! You can't just not watch the next episode! What's going to happen?! No!!! Hit the next button! Hit it or I'll kill you myself! It's crack you can afford...and laugh at.

10) There is always one character you want to kick in the head. This is usually the male lead, and the urge strikes about once every other episode...unless it's Buk Seung-Jo from Playful Kiss. I estimate about three urges to sucker punch him per episode. I'm sure it has to due with cultural differences. He could also be a douche. Just saying. Anyway, having someone you want to beat up on TV makes you want to watch it. That is just one reason we are at the top of the food chain. We are elevated beings.

K-Drama...I heart you. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You can check out more at www.dramafever.com. I encourage you to do so. That way I can justify my mania. Once again, it's all about me. Sweet.