(awkward and awesome)

(awkward and awesome)
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

For Those Who Want to Take Christmas Back From the Grinch

This year more then warm weather is making Christmas hard to feel.
Fifteen minutes of famers want to make Christmas no big deal.
The problem is, O Grinchy ones.,  it's a very big deal to
All us Jesus freaky Christians, even if it's not to you.

It is the day we celebrate that our Lord and Savior was born.
But instead of celebrating, we find ourselves torn
Between being politically polite or making a show
Of loudly saying "Merry Christmas!" where ever we go.

Most of us don't want to fuss; we don't want to fight
We don't want to argue about who's left or who's right
We just want to show our joy that Jesus came down
To this earth for us sinners, idiots, wankers and clowns

Because THAT is for us, is how Christmas is defined.
Doing something for someone just be kind
To be selfless and giving and loving even though, even when
We may get nothing back but the finger and "To hell with ya then."

It's about how we believe and are thankful our God is so big
That He would send His son to die so that we would live.
A gift so precious and inspiring, though you may not believe it,
Is one we cannot help but sing about and celebrate as we receive it.

Yes, we do give gifts to show our love for each other on this day
We'd give them to Jesus, but it's all His anyway.
To Christians who believe in the Bible this day is holy.
We shouldn't have to fight for our Christmas in the land of the free.

And therefor, I tell you right now where I stand.
As a former grinch, I began to understand that
No, you can't stop Christmas by banning carols at the mall
You can't keep it from coming by not saying "Merry Christmas" at all

You can take way the colors of red and of green.
You can take away our depictions of the Nativity scene.
You can take way the lights that sparkle on our shacks.
But you won't stop Christmas because it won't be held back.

You can take away gifts and keep your holiday trees
You can keep your mall santas that smell of beef and cheese
You can say all you want that Christmas offends you and you hate it
Because like that, you lose the meaning when you translate it.

Try to hear me now and understand what I say
Christmas is something you'll never take away.
Because it's not in bags with tissue paper or boxes with bows
It's deep in my heart and deep in the hearts of those

Who shout "Yahoo doray!  Welcome Christmas Day!"
So if you don't believe in God, to you, all I can say
Is that is up to you; believe or not. You don't answer to me.
But you won't shut me up about Jesus; we'll have to agree to disagree

So if you believe in Jesus and want to celebrate His birth,
Do it joyfully!  Do good for others and spread kindness on His earth.
To all you grinchy hearts, to you I say Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Yahoo Doray!  Yahoo Doray!  Jesus Christ is born!